Family-Owned Farm & Artisanal Kitchen

Philos’ mission is to protect and restore mental, physical and spiritual well-being - the Saint Lucian way.

Everything in our shop is handcrafted with healing intent. Our 86-year-young matriarch Mam Agee taught us to seek medicine from the Earth. Her garden grows countless botanicals that she's used to treat our community for generations. Protecting and sharing that wisdom is the central purpose of Philos Farm + Kitchen.

Our ingredients are ethically and sustainably sourced. The Kitchen creates using traditional St. Lucian tools and methods: slowly, lovingly, in small batches.

Since 1992, Philos Farm has grown more than 30 varieties of local fruits, herbs, roots & vegetables for the local and export market. Now entering its second generation, Philos is expanding to include an authentic agritourism program showcasing our uniquely verdant volcanic island.

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